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  • Suzie Lemos

London Design Fair 2018 Review

Introducing, 2018’s London Design Fair. What appeared to be a small town of innovation, was in fact, a design fair with 550 distributors from 36 countries spread across six floors.

Far from predictable, the fair was a creative’s dream.  Over a period of four days, 28,000 individuals visit the site, absorbing the newest trends, materials, and design solutions. 

It was hard to choose, but below are a few examples of memorable brand experiences we encountered at this years London Design Fair.


Set apart from the rest of the distributors, Adorno took over an entire room to showcase their work. Upon entry you immediately felt transported to a new world. From the garden to the lounge, Adorno used lights to distinguish between different rooms of the house. The international Design Collaboration company specifically chose items poised with unique posture, colour and materials, and yet each design complimented the next.

Although Adorno’s main theme was lighting, the installation exhibited varied pieces of interior design which magical in appearance.

London Design Fair 2018 - Built ID

Photo by Susana Lemos

Swedish Design Pavilion

The Swedish Design Pavilion and Southern Sweden Creatives formed a partnership to create a project that was co-financed by The European Union Regional Development Fund and the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth. The Swedish Design Pavilion appeared as a multifaceted design destination.

13 different designers took part in this years fair and stole the entrance of the fair with their brightly coloured space. What became apparent walking through were their diversified designs but also how collaborative they appeared as a country. They wanted the public to get involved with their projects which were showcased on the chosen display.

The use of geometric shapes, particularly circles seemed to be a recurring theme throughout several projects, enabling individuals to approach what appeared to have a soft appearance.

Photo by Susana Lemos (Click image to view more)

Haru Stuck-On Design

Aiming to bring colour back into everyone’s life, Haru’s exhibition captured the hearts of every adult and child that entered the space. The entire room was designed with the product, showcasing its versatility and variety. From colour choices to numerous patterns to different sizes, Haru created a haven for visual artists.

First established in Japan in 1918, the leading manufacturer of adhesive tape-relate products and electrical insulation materials decided to widen their audience by developing a range of lifestyle products. Ultimately they were a huge success among the public for obvious reasons, but it was the freedom to create that stole the hearts of the public.

Photo by Susana Lemos (Click image to view more)

Best of Portugal By Associative Design

Showcasing Portugal at this years London Design Fair are Associative Design, a company that promotes Portuguese brands and products globally. The contemporary curated mix of luxury design and innovation highlights the interest and demand for design made in Portugal.

Placed at the front of the fair, Portugal’s miniature rooms oozed character due to the selected abstract furniture and lighting. What was enjoyable to witness was each product appearing to be a centerpiece on its own, but once placed next to another product, the minimalistic contrasting designs complimented each other.

Photo by Susana Lemos (Click image to view more)

Envisions & Finsa

Originality is how I would describe Envisions and Finsa’s collaboration. Multidisciplinary designers (Envisions), and manufacturers of particleboard and MDF (Finsa), created a series of visual experimentations by overthrowing the usual boundaries between the finished product and creative process.

The idea was to rethink the purpose of existing production processes and strive to collaborate with companies that are interested in expanding on their conventional working ways.

The visual summary was put together beautifully, with contrasting patterns and bold colours attracting the audience’s eye.

Photo by Susana Lemos (Click image to view more)

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