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  • Bridget Wilkins

Join the Global Climate Strike London 20 September 2019

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. As a major contributor to global carbon emissions, the real estate industry has a responsibility to urgently come together to find solutions. 

According to the UK Green Building Council, buildings contribute 40% of the worlds energy consumption and 1/3 of global greenhouse emissions. Scientists are saying these impacts to our environment are leading catastrophic and irreversible climate change. The real estate sector has unique insight into developing, creating and transforming a variety of aspects across the built environment and we must use this privilege with purpose to make our world truly sustainable.

As Director of Community Engagement at Built-ID and member of the of the CPA NextGen Steering Committee, I call on the industry to join me and thousands of fellow citizens on the Global Climate Strike next Friday 20th September 11:45am. The march will show the public demand for Government action on our climate emergency ahead of the impending UN Climate Summit and as the representatives from London’s property industry, demonstrate our collective will to build a more sustainable future.

This could provide a unique opportunity for the traditional real estate sector to connect into a global movement championed by the next generation and support a new era of collective innovation and outcomes. As seen through the high level of engagement throughout our annual events programme across the CPA Next Gen, the demand for change is as high in London as any global market across the world. Our Steering Committee works to promotes multi-disciplinary debate and engagement to guide the future of the ever evolving City; and we recognise that our members are calling for real time, meaningful impact on a global scale.

At Built ID, our mission is to harness the inherent potential of people, property and technology to create a more sustainable [built and natural] environment. Whilst there are many forms of triple bottom line outcomes we are working to deliver, there is a true sense of urgency for us to contribute to the climate change campaigns across the world.

We have a unique opportunity to come together, as an industry of many from a variety of backgrounds, to turn ambitions and aspirations for a better, more sustainable world into action.

So let’s do it. 

In partnership with the UK Green Building Council I welcome you all to join us at the Climate Change Action Strike on next Friday September 20th. Meet us at The Building Centre, 26 Store Street, WC1E 7BT at 11:45am.

Let’s show the world what we can do, what we can achieve, together. Our house is on fire, our homes are burning, so let’s act like it.



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