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Empowering diverse voices to be a core part of the changemaking process

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Activating a
social voice

Built-ID is a B Corp software company that enables decision makers to deliver more socially impactful and sustainable places, using its award-winning digital community & occupier engagement platform, Give My View.

By making community engagement easy, gamified & impactful, Give My View motivates diverse voices to engage with decision-makers & have a positive impact on projects.

The Built -ID team provided a great solution for getting lots of responses quickly when we needed them, and made the whole process really easy. The team and the system are flexible and easy to work with and it’s been great to engage with so many more people than usual. The feedback process makes it all much more conversational which is what we want to achieve, an ongoing conversation with public transport users about the public transport in MK.

Adele Wearing, Milton Keynes Council

More about our
B Corp status...

As a social impact tech company we want to make the world better for communities and empower diverse voices to be at the centre of changemaking. Whilst profitability allows us to make a huge impact; to achieve our full potential, we must place as much priority on social & environmental impact. 


We want diverse voices in communities to have a constructive, tangible impact on decisions that impact them. Whether it is a community of people brought together by place and geographic boundaries; or a community of people who share the same interest; or a community of people trying to bring about change. 

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Activate diverse
groups of people

Balance the voice of
vocal minority

Enhance & track your
ESG impact

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Garner a broad commitment to change

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