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Planning & Development

As Give My View successfully activates diverse demographics who're receptive to change & enables them to constructively influence project plans, obtaining planning consent becomes quicker and easier.


Give My View's feedback loop tools help build community trust & rapport with both the developer & the destination they're creating.

Occupier Satisfaction & Wellbeing Tracking

Survey fatigue is common amongst occupiers; however, with Give My View's animated, gamified interface, occupiers engage on an unprecedented scale.


Harness occupier feedback to evaluate leasing, maintenance, and management service levels, increase renewals & improve property performance.

& Co-Design

Give My View enables people to collaborate at scale on spatial planning, public realm activation & nomenclature.


The Annotate Your View tool is used with maps, floor-plans or images to undertake listening exercises; such as identifying hotspots where people experience safety concerns around Wembley, as well as community sentiment & needs analysis & to co-design public space.

Retail & Events Programming

Behavioural psychology has revealed a cognitive bias that leads people to subconsciously value something more if they had a hand in it. As a result, empowering locals & visitors to inform leasing & events decisions is essential for maximising foot traffic. Using digital marketing, Give My View can target a diverse catchment area on any given retail space.



community respondents constructively engage



community preferences, priorities & ideas shared


over 97%

of our projects engage 1,000+ respondents

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