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Community Safety: Listening Exercise

Start gathering insight from communities using the award-winning Give My View platform. Perfect for initial consultation, research or a deep dive into a community’s priorities, this product enables you to launch dynamic surveys, forms & interactive maps with just a fraction of the time investment & budget traditionally required.


Once you've selected your questions & shared your assets, the Give My View team can have your project live within just 5 working days.




  • A limitless number of responses per month
  • Up to (5) questions, chosen from our digital library of survey & heat-map questions. These questions are designed by experts to drive constructive responses & high completion rates
  • A direct messaging component that captures free-text feedback/comments + GDPR compliant email address & postcode collection


A dedicated Account Manager who personalises your engagement platform by:

  • Creating (2) dynamic fact screens that set the scene & educate your audience

  • Adding a demographic-insight segment with up to (5) questions (the results can be filtered & segmented by these questions, upon request)

  • Editing any customisable questions amongst the (10) you select with custom text & visuals

  • Reporting: weekly email updates on your engagement results to date + final results shared in PDF format (survey results) & Excel (free-text responses)



If you need help generating responses from your target community, Give My View digital marketing experts are on hand to generate unprecedented levels of engagement for you. The cost per digital marketing campaign varies based on project location + target audience. Note whether you require this service during checkout to receive a quote. 

Community Safety: Listening Exercise

£6,950.00 Regular Price
£1,950.00Sale Price
Price Options
One-time purchase
Multi-Project Bundle
20% off (1) women's safety + (1) road safety project
£260.00every month for 12 months
  • Select up to (5) questions from a curated set of engaging questions that will accompany an interactive map or floor-plan of the location/area that you’d like your community to annotate in order for you to identify hotspots & issues. 


    These questions have been put together for decision makers to gain insight into the safety concerns & issues experienced by community members in their local area. The set includes different templates for the heat-map as well as a variety of safety-centric questions. This topic is a pressing one for communities which generates high engagement across client projects focused on the subject.


    Accessible across all mobile, tablet & desktop devices, this product enables you to effortlessly create & launch a digital engagement platform.

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