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Levelling Up Fund Survey

As part of DLUHC’s Levelling Up Fund round 2, you will need to show you’ve attempted to contact and empower diverse and hard-to-reach groups within your community. Although the fund submission is due on the 6th July, this product is designed to get good quality engagement, fast, with a report ready to use in the fund submission. 


It will enable you to launch dynamic surveys, forms & interactive maps with just a fraction of the time investment & budget traditionally required, focussing on one of the three investment themes - Transport, Regeneration and Culture.


Once you've selected your questions & shared your assets, the Give My View team can have your project live within just 5 working days.




  • A limitless number of responses per month

  • Up to (10) questions, chosen from our digital library of survey & heat-map questions. These questions are designed by experts to drive constructive responses & high completion rates

  • A direct messaging component that captures free-text feedback/comments + GDPR compliant email address & postcode collection


A dedicated Account Manager who personalises your engagement platform by:


  • Creating (1) bespoke survey or interactive map question

  • Creating (2) dynamic fact screens that set the scene & educate your audience

  • Adding a demographic-insight segment with up to (5) questions (the results can be filtered & segmented by these questions, upon request)

  • Editing any customisable questions amongst the (10) you select with custom text & visuals

  • Reporting: weekly email updates on your engagement results to date + final results shared in PDF format (survey results) & Excel (free-text responses)



If you need help generating responses from your target community, Give My View digital marketing experts are on hand to generate unprecedented levels of engagement for you. The cost per digital marketing campaign varies based on project location + target audience. Note whether you require this service during checkout to receive a quote. 

Levelling Up Fund Survey

Price Options
One-time purchase
2-Phase Bundle
Subscribe & save 15% per survey phase
£421.00every month for 12 months
  • This product is designed to make integrating the needs of the many with the requirements for business success easy. By constructively engaging communities in the definition of the priorities & the development of solutions, this tool can garner a broad commitment to change.

    Accessible across all mobile, tablet & desktop devices, this product enables you to effortlessly create & launch a digital engagement platform.

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