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Annotate Your View: Spatial Based Survey

The next generation of spatial-based engagement, Annotate Your View enables communities to dynamically annotate a Google map or visual asset with 3D emojis & pictograms, as well as comments & their own images. With Annotate Your View, what was once a time-intensive & expensive endeavour is now effortless.


The map area is customisable in default + satellite view with a circle, rectangle or custom polygon. Floorplans, CGIs, & static 3D models can also be turned into an interactive heat-map or co-design canvas.


Once you've shared your assets & chosen which of our 3D icons and/or emojis you’d like to use, the Give My View team can have your project live within just 5 working days. 




  • A limitless number of responses per month. 

  • Up to (2) sentiment-map questions - empower your community to express their sentiment in a way which is quick, easy & fun. You can choose up to (10) 3D emojis and/or icons that respondents will be able to drag & drop, disable/enable the option to submit comments & limit how many annotations a respondent can add.

  • (1) heat-map question - capture geo-spatial by prompting respondents to drop a pin, (or an icon of your choice) with the option to upload images & attach comments to their pin

  • Up to (2) dynamic fact screens that set the scene & educate your audience

  • Diversity & inclusion - annotations/interactions with your map or png can be done anonymously & will not be visible to other respondents. This negates the risk your results are distorted by conformity bias & herd instinct, as well as helping attract diverse, traditionally demographics who’re typically underrepresented.

  • Demographic-insight segment - a series of up to (5) questions. The location-based data you receive can then be filtered & segmented by these questions.

  • A direct messaging component that captures free-text feedback/comments + GDPR compliant email address & postcode collection.

  • A dedicated Account Manager is on hand to upload your content & publish your project on a custom Give My View URL or embed it right into your website. 

  • Reporting: weekly email updates on your engagement results to date + final results shared in PDF & Excel formats.



If you need help generating responses from your target community, Give My View digital marketing experts are on hand to generate unprecedented levels of engagement for you. The cost per digital marketing campaign varies based on project location + target audience. Note whether you require this service during checkout to receive a quote. 


Annotate Your View: Spatial Based Survey

£7,950.00 Regular Price
£3,975.00Sale Price
Price Options
Annual Subscription
Subscribe for unlimited use
£550.00every month for 24 months
  • This product brings the capture of location-based data dynamically to life. Empower your target audience to annotate a map or png with 3D icons, emojis, comments & their own images. You can use our interactive map & floor plan tool as a standalone product or seamlessly integrate it into a Give My View survey.

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