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  • Dominic Stinton

Renewable Energy: Will familiarity breed content?

Renewable energy has certainly captured Built-ID hearts and minds, in both a professional and personal capacity; we not only work with some key industry players, but our team is very excited to understand how renewable energy can create a better, more sustainable planet.

However, we’re conscious that not everyone in the community will necessarily feel the same way, and for many, it can be difficult to empathise with an industry that is not only highly complex but also in the business of creating huge engineering infrastructure that is changing the visual aesthetic of our landscapes and oceans.

Through our work on Give My View, we’ve come to believe that the more familiar and approachable the sector becomes, the more communities will learn to trust (and even love?) what this important industry is trying to achieve.

We are therefore embarking on an ambitious campaign to put questions to both the industry and community to understand how well the sector understands the people who will not only benefit from cleaner energy, but potentially find themselves living alongside its infrastructure.

We will be driving key industry personnel to complete the poll below, whilst simultaneously polling ordinary members of the community to complete a shadow poll of almost identical questions, so that we can create a gap analysis that will reveal just how well the sector understands the communities it serves.

If you work in the renewable energy sector (either for a standalone business or perhaps within a renewable energy sector within one of the more ‘traditional’ energy companies), please feel free to take part in the poll.

If you would like to sign up so that we can share the final report with you, or you would like to find out more about how Built-ID can make it easier for you to get closer to the communities you serve, please get in touch.


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