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  • Suzie Lemos

Redefining the Workplace

The need and demand for more inviting and interactive office space has redefined design. The freedom afforded by remote working means that offices now need to be stimulating hubs for collaboration.


The redefined workplaces are visual but functional too. Architects and design firms have recognised the importance of the physical and visual space behind each design, enabling increased sustainability, well being and productivity amongst colleagues.

Mobile and integrated technology have also played a major part in the design process of the physical environment.  Easy access to power adapters, wifi, and powered furniture alters the layout of the office, introduces flexible working hours, and clients and employees are able to benefit for utility purposes.

Essentially, companies need furniture and spaces that can adapt to, and grow with new jobs and equipment.

Below are few examples of Built-ID profiles most innovative office designs.


Designed to give a homely, approachable and fun atmosphere, Tetris was asked by CA Technologies to incorporate colour in their design. Yellow and blue used throughout the office for vibrancy.

Several joinery works, seats and meeting rooms were included to providing a relaxed, informal and private environment if needed.

Tetris - CA Technologies shared workspace design

Evolution Design

Another Google campus setting the bar. The 47’000 m2 unique office space represents a thriving and exciting place to work in Ireland. Located in Docklands District, Dublin, the four listed building is another prime example of creativity and originality. Over 45 languages are spoken in the workspace, ranging from different departments such as marketing, finance and engineering to name a few.

Google Campus Dublin office design

Fabric Interior Design

Looking for a unique space and vibe, online music streaming service Deezer contacted Fabric to achieve just that. The space needed to reflect the personality of the brand, company ethos and provide a thrilling and modern environment to the current and new employees.

A selection of colours, imagery, and furniture achieved Deezer’s desires.

Fabric Interior Design stairwell


A Spanish school for young foreign students between the ages of 20 and 30  needed a fresh new identity. Doing what they do best, Masquespacio combined wood furniture and pastel colours to attract attention from the current and younger target audience.  Overall, the youthful feel of the space is timeless.

Masquespacio sharred office space


WeWork Paddington is WeWork’s first West London site situated between Hyde Park and Little Venice. Over the course of 26 weeks, Oktra worked alongside WeWork to complete the seven-floor flagship office in Paddington. To reflect the size of the company, Oktra ensured the office space was designed accordingly with collaborative spaces, game rooms, and private environments to name a few.

Oktra - WeWork Paddington London Cafe design

Morgan Lovell

Splunk requested three things;  the design of the collaborative workspace needed to reflect Splunks bold identity, incorporate local influences such as the underground station and match the feel of the space to the other twelve offices around the globe.

A few quirky designs later and it was voted the “coolest” office in the UK by Management Today.  Graffitied walls, a tube carriage, and a Dr Who demo room are what make this office one of a kind.

Morgan Lovell - Splunk Office Design

Thirdway Interiors

Located in Bleeding Heart yard, ThirdWay designed their own workspace to encourage staff members to interact in collaborative working areas and meetings rooms.

The open plan office includes break out areas such as a pool table and a wooden bar where colleagues can wind down. Each room tells a different story, with drawings splattered throughout the building.

Thirdway Interiors Collaborative Workspace Design


MVRDV wanted to recreate a family home as their new office. This included a living room, dining room and a sofa where the whole team could come and sit together. The MVRDV family wanted to capture how they work and function as an office singularly and collaboratively by tailor-making spaces that enhance efficiency and working methods. Each room is represented with a different colour, highlighting its importance in the building.

MVRDV Meeting Room Design

Have you recently collaborated or been involved in the design of a co-working project? We would be delighted to feature your work. You can email us on


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