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  • Yazmin Malcolm

Office designs more fun than Santa’s Grotto

Google was one of the first businesses to open the world’s eyes to the importance of office design. Their working environments are famed for helping to keep creative minds inspired, whilst attracting new talent who want to work within an engaging environment.

Google Pancras Square

Google Pancras Square – AHMM (click image to see more)

Inflatable area at Google Offices

Google Inflatable – PENSON (click image to see more)

No longer will office dwellers settle for strip lighting and grey polyester carpet tiles. It’s now a prime opportunity for developers and creatives to highlight this trend to business owners. The theory is that employees will be more productive in an environment where they’re comfortable,  it’s even been proven that biophilic office design, bring nature inside, helps workers feel less stressed.

Mind Candy - Generate Studio

Mind Candy – Generate Studio (click image to see more)

Interchange Triangle - Barr Gazetas

Interchange Triangle – Barr Gazetas (click image to see more)

Natural light and interesting art boost productivity and break-out areas or games rooms that are fun, homely or comfortable help spark creative thinking and collaboration with teammates.

The Office Group / Henry Wood House

The Office Group / Henry Wood House – Acrylicize (click image to see more)

In the lead up to Christmas, keeping morale high is easier from a cool space, especially one where workers can gather for after work festivities in their own bar or kitchen space.

WeWork Paddington

WeWork Paddington – Oktra (click image to see more)

Even providing luxuries in the office building such as spas, fitness areas and beauty treatments can enhance the office environment. Employees can then put more time into work than travelling to external appointments, which is especially great for the Christmas party season.

Perkins + Will design

Confidential Client – Perkins + Will (click image to see more)

Sky Central - PLP design

Sky Central – PLP (click image to see more)

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