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Mood lighting in the moonlight: the top 5 resorts for romantic lighting this Valentines

To distract you this Valentine’s day from the date night pressure, we’ve collated some getaway spots where the warm glow of mood lighting brings the romance factor for you. If not your date, you’d at least fall in love with the flattering lighting. 

So whether you’re looking to develop a project that draws in the romance seekers or simply anticipate having to redeem yourself with your loved one after a lack of plans tonight, be sure to check out these projects that use lighting to evoke the right mood… 

Grecotel Amirandes Resort, Greece

Grecotel Amirandes Resort in Greece

Firefly Lighting Design - Grecotel Amirandes

Grecotel Amirandes Resort- Firefly Lighting Design (Click image to see more)

Firefly Lighting Design aimed for an emotional impact whilst also drawing attention to detail in the lighting design of the resort. The exterior lighting strategy was to draw attention to the local stone used on the building facades, alongside a showstopping reflected starlit sky in the man-made lagoon.

Regent Hotel, Porto Montenegro

regent hotel montenegro

Regent Hotel - Light Bureau - Porto Montenegro

Regent Hotel – Light Bureau (Click image to see more)

Situated in the Bay of Kotor’s luxury Marina, is a stunning Regent Hotel. Open in 2014 the hotel is inspired by the houses along the Adriatic coastline and Venetian Renaissance architecture: a tribute to the area’s 400 years under Venetian ruling.  

We love the outdoor lighting design created by Light Bureau, as it draws visitors’ attention to the immaculate landscape that surrounds the hotel.

The Gritti Palace, Venice

The Gritti Palace, Venice

Maurice Brill Lighting Design - The Gritti Palace

The Gritti Palace – Maurice Brill Lighting Design (Click image to see more)

MBLD have always been in tune with the psychological effects of lighting in their approach to design. At the Gritti Palace, light is used to enhance an already magical space and create an intimate and welcoming feel for those staying in the majestic Gritti Palace. 

Ling Ling, The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Marrakech

Ling Ling, The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Marrakech

Ling Ling Marrakech - Firefly Lighting Design

Ling Ling Marrakech – Firefly Lighting Design, Ltd (Click image to see more)

With multiple layers of light; including animated effects, the lighting design ensures the bar is the focal point upon entering the space. The main dining area also uses light to command diners’ attention towards the open kitchen with its bustling energy. However, our favourite area is the outdoor terrace, where lights dance off the water and leaves are projected onto the canopies above.

Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort, Muscat 

Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort, Muscat 

Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort, Muscat – Lighting Design Partnership International (LDPi) (Click image to see more)

LDPi’s design is sympathetic to the natural environment and able to meet the demands of a luxury resort. The sumptuous interplay of light and materials masterfully balances the old and the new. Especially impressive is the way by which the exterior lighting visually ties the three hotels together while enabling each hotel to retain its unique design and atmosphere.


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