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  • Dominic Stinton

Introducing our Build To Rent Question Library, Designed by Experts for Experts

We’re very proud to launch the work we’ve created in partnership with the UK Apartment Association (UKAA), namely the provision of ‘oven-ready’ question libraries that will help Build To Rent (BTR) developers and managers better engage with communities via our Give My View platform.

We have created two distinct question libraries; one aimed at communities of residents and local businesses who are unlikely to be future renters at a proposed scheme but will nevertheless be impacted, and one aimed at future renters who may be interested in moving in one day.

To create these question libraries, we held a design-thinking led poll workshop with 16 of the UKAA’s key members, as well as their highly knowledgeable and indomitable CEO, Dave Butler. We created community-specific personas and divided the group into teams, which ensured that each team looked at a hypothetical BTR development through the eyes of the community, rather than merely through the lens of their own expertise (although of course the group’s experience was greatly appreciated in regard to understanding the sorts of questions that come up time and again).

These personas ranged from disgruntled ‘not in my backyard’ resident naysayers through to ‘professional’ renters who are undecided as to whether ‘bubble’ living is right for them, and of course, local business owners who may be affected not only by the construction work involved but also hoping their revenues will increase as a result of a sudden influx of new customers.

The net outcome of this exercise is the delivery of 6 gleaming polls with multiple question types clustered around 3 key topics, aimed at community residents and businesses, and potential renters alike:

  1. What does Build To Rent mean?

  2. How can I trust Build To Rent?

  3. What impact will it have on local infrastructure?

If you’re a BTR developer, owner or manager, and you have a project for which you’re keen to better engage with the community, Build-ID now has a starter kit of questions expertly designed to resonate and engage with the community, and provide you with the data you need to improve your scheme. If you’d like to find out more then please get in touch with us at Built-ID via or the link below.


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