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  • Suzie Lemos

Improving Living Standards For Senior Living

There is an increasing focus on senior living and retirement homes within the real estate industry. This comes at a pivotal time, with two billion people across the world expected to reach over 60 by 2050.

According to AgeUK, there are currently 465,000 citizens aged 65 and over in England that are currently living with three, or more significant health conditions, with a staggering 1.2 million classified as lonely.

Smart Homes are at the forefront of this industry innovation, alongside robots and intergenerational living. Smart Homes offer safety and limitless support to individuals around the house, robots provide secure personal assistance and intergenerational living enables seniors to be part of a wider community.

At Built-ID, we have a number of real estate developments that focus on senior living, both at the concept and building stages.

Mariners Park

Completed in 2014, the retirement village designed by Pozzoni Architecture Limited was originally built for senior seafarers. The site offers extensive communal facilities, enabling each individual to socialise and enjoy independent living. One of Mariners Park’s greatest feature is its river, which offers tranquillity and peaceful space for all the residents.

Mariners Park

Mariners Park- Pozzoni Architecture Limited (Click image to see more)

The Landing

Snug Architects have redefined what retirement homes in the UK should look like by repurposing the needs of its residents. These 9 luxurious apartments which appear to be divided between two detached homes in Sandbanks are a high-end choice for seniors.

Each detached house contains 5 floors of entertainment, relaxation and independence, as well as a truly breathtaking view across the water.

The Landing by Snug Architects

The Landing- Snug Architects (Click image to see more)

Ballycopeland Care Village

Ballycopeland Care Village is a design proposal submitted by DLA Design for a retirement home concept located on the coast of Millville. Still, in its early days, the site promises to offer a 60-bed nursing and residential dementia (EMI) care home.  The 6-acre site will also provide an extra 60 care apartments with social and leisure facilities when fully complete.

Ballycopeland Care Village

Ballycopeland Care Village- DLA Design (Click image to see more)

Millbrook Village

Space Invader was specifically asked to design three retirement villages so the client, Helical Plc and Renaissance Villages, could rebrand and reposition the company in the retirement village market.    

Project Millbrook Village, as shown above, was completed in 2017. The property itself is spread across three floors with user-friendly environments that include a variety of social facilities and amenities.

A residents lounge, cafe, restaurant, swimming pool, boardroom, library and gym are a few examples of what can be found at Millbrook Village.

The motivation behind the project was to create an active lifestyle for the residents where they can socialise, be independent and be part of an active community.

Millbrook Village Residential Care

Millbrook Village- Space Invader Design (Click image to see more)

Home Farm

A great example of combining senior living with sustainability is Home Farm. A concept project designed by SPARK and located in Singapore, Home Farm brings people and nature together.

Home farm is a bold concept which proposes allocating apartments and facilities for seniors with vertical urban farming.

The purpose of this design is to generate interest and to combine the political and social zeitgeist of Singapore. The message is simple, to introduce citizens to sustainable city development.

Looking at how future generations were going to support a rapidly ageing population in nations within Asia, Home Farm won the best Experimental award at the World Architecture Festival in 2015.

Home Farm

Home Farm – SPARK (Click image to see more)

Fortescue Fields

In the heart of Somerset Hills, you will find Fortescue Fields designed by Adam Architecture. An extension to a beautiful village where an intergenerational scheme is taking place. The extension adds character to the architecture of the traditional village by applying different materials such as natural stone and locally sourced materials.

The intergenerational scheme allows families, seniors and young professionals to come together alongside a public building, commercial building and a number of local shops.

Fortescue Fields

Fortescue Fields – Adam Architecture (Click image to see more)

Have you recently collaborated or been involved in a senior living project? We would be delighted to feature your work. You can email us on


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