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  • Jason Kaye

Five offices to inspire and motivate staff

With so many of our precious hours spent in an office – unless you are one of the lucky ones who enjoy working from home – it is surely beneficial for employers to create spaces that inspire and motivate staff.

The average person spends a third of their life at work and even more time thinking about their 9-5. It’s a startling statistic and one that is unlikely to let up any time soon.

With that in mind, Built-ID has compiled a list of five of the coolest office spaces around the UK.

1. Lonely Planet, London 

Research from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology has suggested that working in an environment with natural light increases energy levels and productivity, so the floor-to-ceiling windows surrounding Lonely Planet’s Blackfriars residence are a superb addition.

The Oktra-led fit-out is fun, bright and makes maximum use of natural light. Pops of colour throughout reflect the vibrant image of the global travel brand.

Lonely Planet Office

Lonely Planet Office- Oktra- Click image to see more

2. Google Engineering, London 

Think of creative spaces and the offices of Google really do take some beating. The London-based headquarters of its engineering department was put together by the team at Penson, who recognised the need to let creativity run wild.

Filling the building with whiteboards, workstations and playful breakout areas, Penson also worked in what some might consider the ultimate in workplace relaxation – a mobile phone jammer for absolute quiet time in certain areas.

Google offices

Google Engineering – PENSON- Click image to see more

3. Rackspace, London

Another tech business that has made the decision to stand out from the more traditional office environment is Rackspace, a world leader in IT hosting and cloud computing. The brand prides itself on being the home of fanatical support, which Morgan Lovell reflected in its fitting out of the Hyde Park Hayes space.

Each floor is based on a different room in the house, but with an added twist. The garage – on the ground floor – boasts its own personalised Mini Cooper.

Moving up, meetings can be hosted in the Seventies-inspired lounge, where attendees can sit around an artificial fireplace. Dark leather chairs and long mahogany tables don the second-floor library, while the garden sits pretty with its decking and fake grass on the third floor.

Rackspace Offices London

Rackspace- Morgan Lovell – Click image to see more

4. S3 Advertising, Cardiff

Over at S3 Advertising, the quirky features continue, as the agency sought to create the coolest office in the UK. Paramount Interiors helped to optimise a space that would stimulate creativity and allow staff to share ideas. 

From ball pools, bars and hammocks to mini-golf courses and a private cinema, eccentric recreational areas sit alongside client-facing zones to encourage team building and help make unforgettable first impressions.

S3 Advertising - Cardiff Offices

S3 Advertising- Paramount Interiors- Click on image to see more

5. Jimmy Choo, London 

From the dazzlingly kooky to the uber sleek, the headquarters of Jimmy Choo ooze effortless style. 

Social space and employee interaction still sit at the heart of the Universal Design Studio project, but with a more minimalist approach that borders on palatial in parts.

The Victoria-based office was crafted to be a perfect reflection of the brand, with departments spread across four floors with plenty of room for the company to grow.

Jimmy Choo Offices

Jimmy Choo- Universal Design Studio- Click image to see more

With so many amazing offices setting out to make the working days of the UK population that bit more bearable, one wonders if the trend of remote working eventually fades away.


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