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  • Mishti Ali

Community Solidarity in Wales

All over the UK, communities have come together in the face of the current epidemic. Below are uplifting examples of solidarity from communities in Wales.

Michelin-Starred Restaurants Cook Meals for Health Workers

Cafes and restaurants throughout the UK have been working to ensure that NHS staff and care workers are well-fed as they work on the frontlines during the current epidemic. One such initiative is the Feed the Heath scheme, organised by Waterloo Tea. This has involved Michelin-starred restaurants such as James Sommerin and the Walnut Tree in Abergavenny. James, along with wife, Louise, and daughter, Georgia, has been working 16 hour shifts to ensure that healthcare workers get at least one decent meal during their shifts. He said: ‘We are a family unit and anything like this we are hell-bent on doing.’ Find out more or donate.

Friends Donate Treats for Care Homes

A group of friends in Rhondda Cyon Taff have set up a group donating treats to care homes in the area, as well as crafts and any other necessary items. After setting up a Facebook page, in only two days, over 300 people joined and raised £170,000 in donations. Find out more and support their work.

Women’s Collective Raffles NHS-Inspired Artwork

A community which is working to celebrate and empower women has been working to raise money for the Welsh NHS. In their efforts, they have teamed up with Lucy Street, AKA Lugi Design, and are holding a raffle to win an artwork depicting the women of the NHS. A spokeswoman for Warrior Women Collective said: ”Today, more than ever, we should cherish those who dedicate themselves to our care, heedless of their own health as they work tirelessly to care for people in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.” To take part, donate or find out more, click here.

Pembrokeshire Residents Leave Recycling Thank You Notes:

Key workers have been responsible for ensuring that life goes on during lockdown, which is no small feat. To recognise workers’ hard work, residents in Pembrokeshire County have been writing messages of gratitude on cardboard that is put out for rubbish collection. One such message read: ‘Thank you!! for keeping going!! You guys are also invisible !!heroes!! Well Done Keep safe!!’ Find out more.

Neath Autism Support Workers Set Up a Replica McDonalds

Support workers in Neath have set up a replica McDonalds for people with autism. Nick Haake, services manager for National Autistic Society Cymru, said: “Many of the autistic people we support can feel anxiety about change or unexpected events. This is particularly the case at the moment, with the ongoing disruption to people’s lives because of the coronavirus outbreak.” To retain some semblance of normality and keep spirits high, staff at Glamorgan House called local branches before they closed to obtain authentic packaging and served up chicken nuggets, fries, sauces and fizzy drinks for the price of ‘one smile’. Support the Society’s work.


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