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  • Oluwatofunmi Ayodeji

Can the Clarion Call for More Affordable Housing be Solved by New Ways of Listening?

Recently Built-ID has partnered with the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Housing Market & Housing Delivery to better understand the priorities of industry leaders in regard to unblocking the delivery of new homes. We are calling on organisations and individuals that operate in the housing market and in the delivery of new homes. Whether you’re involved in Land Supply, Development, Construction and/or Sales/Letting, we’d like to hear from you.

Currently, the UK government has been planning to revise their proposals for reforms in England after targets for new housing developments faced backlash amongst some Conservative MPs. With parliament increasingly using digital tools such as algorithms to better understand which areas require new homes most urgently, we are confident that Give My View will also be part of the solution that parliament is looking for, enabling them to listen to stakeholders at scale.

UK house prices have risen at the fastest rate in almost six years. During September 2020 alone, UK average prices for homes have seen an increase of 4.7%, standing at a record high of £245,000, which illustrates the urgent need for the provision of more affordable homes.

With our Give My View platform, the APPG has the opportunity to easily incorporate the priorities of not only industry leaders, but also residents in the UK further down the line.

By giving your view today, you can help parliament identify any land supply issues, evaluate progress & address regional inequalities as well as any other government commitments to ease bottlenecks. Finally, you will help identify the challenges associated with residential sales & lettings, & how government policy can alleviate them.

If you want to find out how government, industry, and the community can work better together to solve the housing crisis in the UK via our Give My View platform, get in touch with us now. 


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