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A more evolved survey platform


community preferences & ideas shared


community changemakers shaping projects


decisions benefiting from community input

Transform thousands of voices
into actionable ideas

Give My View’s high survey conversion & completion rates means that more diverse members of the community are listened to, which helps our clients achieve their ESG goals.

Making it easy for professionals to connect with their communities


Retail Repositioning


Office Building Management


Property Development


Communities can engage with projects whenever and wherever is convenient for them. Give My View is a web application, so it doesn’t need to be downloaded, has been designed to meet the highest of accessibility standards, and is available in up to 15 different languages, so it truly engages parts of the community that other survey platforms can’t reach.



Make data-driven decisions based on feedback from the communities with whom you work. Our survey platform is the only one where our clients can choose to allow users to see how the rest of their community voted after each question; this is a very powerful way for you to communicate that you’re serious about listening to their ideas.



Create ongoing and long-lasting conversations with communities, employees and tenants. The majority of our clients use Give My View for multiple consultations, so they can return to the community each time with initiatives they’ve actioned as a result of their feedback, and subsequently get more feedback on plans as they become more granular. Give My View is as much of an engagement tool as it is a feedback mechanism, and therefore sits at the vanguard of customer experience.


We were impressed with the comparatively high response rate to our public consultation thanks to the Give My View platform. The feedback received reflected the diverse local community. For instance, we could demonstrate an equal gender balance and successful engagement across all age ranges.

Liam Ronan-Chlond, First Base

Community Testimonials

Was really refreshing to see a survey like this on my feed, as I had no idea about the Dublin Array! Very informative and I will be researching further into it

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